New Mental Health Venture

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Hello Friends - As you know the topic of mental health is finally coming out of the shadows. However, It is sad that it takes high profile suicides and school shootings to get attention to a significant societal issue. However, I feel the younger generations in our society will continue to help bring down the still lingering stigmas associated with mental health. Better mental health education is a key part of this effort.

Along those lines - I am excited to be back to work as the Co-Founder and CEO of a mental health venture. The name of the company is MedCircle Inc.  - and we are dedicated to providing better education on various mental health topics. Better mental health education equals better health outcomes. Equally important, it can help enable a much better and safer society.

Our first order of business was to create a FREE and simple to consume MedCircle Digest - conveniently delivered right to your Inbox. This intelligent digest keeps consumers continuously up to date on the latest mental health articles they enjoy, and includes engaging video interviews with passionate experts. Subscribers can select the mental health topics they want to follow.

We have many other plans for MedCircle down the road - but I encourage everyone to enjoy our curated articles from 100+ credentialed sources. More importantly, I encourage you to enjoy our new YouTube channel which will be publishing a steady stream of expert videos.

Enjoy and Share.....  

Douglas Colbeth