Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism - Two Big Clubs

Why are employees and employers so afraid to talk about two of the biggest clubs in America? Tens of millions of Americans belong to one of these two clubs. Some of us were destined to join both clubs. If you add the depression club - we may have 50 million members in the U.S. alone. 

So the first the step is to realize "you are not alone". The second step in managing any of these physical conditions (and they are physical) is to get a good diagnosis and treatment program. I like to say the third step is to help others - after you have taken care of yourself. 

I am sure many of you have felt the stigmas associated with mental health conditions. I am sure some of you have been called "crazy". My advice is to look at that person and laugh - which actually scares them more!

Managing a mental health condition is not always easy, but it will prepare you for other challenges in life. I found managing my conditions gave me more empathy (or EQ) for others - regardless of the health condition they were facing. I also found that helping others can be a great reward for us "club members". 

I believe many employers are not yet creating an environment to help employees and benefit from increased loyalty and employee productivity. Ignoring or being afraid to openly discuss mental health conditions will ensure those companies never become modern companies - which appeals to tomorrow's workers.